Hercules Henry Graves Macdonnell

Hercules Henry Graves Macdonnell - 砵甸乍爵士,又译璞鼎查 Sir Henry POTTINGER 1843年6月23日-1844年5月8日 夏乔士·罗便臣爵士,又译罗士敏,后为乐善美勋爵 Sir Hercules ROBINSON, later the Lord Rosmead 1859年9月9日-1865年3月11日 麦当奴爵士 Sir Richard Graves MACDONNELL 1866年3月11日-1872年4月16日 坚尼地爵士 Sir Arthur Edward KENNEDY 1872年4月16日-1877年4. Below is the list of leaders of Hong Kong by university education. There has been a total of 60 heads, as administrators, governors, and now chief executives. 52 of them ruled under the United Kingdom, four for the Empire of Japan, and five so far for the People's Republic of China.. Lieutenant General Henry Wase Whitfield (Chinese: 威非路) (1814 - 30 March 1877) was the Lieutenant Governor of Hong Kong and Commander of British Troops in China, Hong Kong and the Straits Settlements. Military career Whitfield was commissioned into the.

Hercules' medals show motifs from the Labors of Hercules: The Nemean Lion, the Lernaean Hydra, the Ceryneian Hind, the Erymanthian Boar, the Augean stables, the Stymphalian Birds, the Cretan Bull, the Mares of Diomedes, the girdle of Hippolyta,. homeHome ; exit_to_appLogin ; Volunteer ; camera_altTake Photos ; editTranscribe ; video_libraryTraining Videos. Your suggestions have been submitted and will be reviewed by the memorial manager. ×.

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El Hercules es el hidroavión más grande que ha existido, y es el segundo mayor avión en envergadura de la historia. Solamente se construyó uno, que tan solo llegó a realizar un vuelo experimental de aproximadamente 1,5 km de longitud a 21 metros de altitud máxima. Nunca entró en servicio operacional y el proyecto fue abandonado..